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    Run Out Groove’s community of die-hard vinyl collectors asked us to press this title. We manufacture a limited pressing only once, so pre-order now before it’s gone!
    Luna "Lunafied" 2LP
    This individually numbered limited edition double LP with new artwork compiles all the band’s Elektra-era cover songs on one full length set and includes many rare import only singles making their debut on vinyl
    Pre-order now before it's gone forever.
    2018 07 09
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  • Solomon Burke
    The Very Best of Atlantic Soul 1962-1965


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  • Only Everything
    Juliana Hatfield
    Only Everything Juliana Hatfield
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    Juliana Hatfield
    Album Details
    • If voted to win, ROG will reissue Juliana’s Atlantic label debut album which has never been issued on vinyl in the US.
    • The album was pressed once in Germany and hasn’t seen a vinyl reissue in 23 years
    • Would be sourced from the original masters with lacquers cut at Sam Phillips Recording Studio
    • Would be pressed on 180g colored vinyl at Record Industry in the Netherlands and come in a deluxe gatefold tip-on Stoughton jacket.  
    • Each record would come numbered and strictly limited based on pre-orders

    Juliana Hatfield is an American musician and singer songwriter from New England formerly of the indie rock bands Blake Babies, The Juliana Hatfield Three, Some Girls and the Lemonheads. She has also performed and recorded as one half of Minor Alps with Matthew Caws of Nada Surf and has performed with or made contributions to the Lemonheads, Belly, Giant Sand, Susanna Hoffs, Aimee Mann and Mary Lou Lord over the span of her career. Growing up in the Boston area, Hatfield acquired a love of rock music in the 1970s having been introduced to the Los Angeles punk band, “X.” Hatfield transferred to the Berklee College of Music from Boston University, hoping to join a band. She formed the Blake Babies with Freda Love and John Strohm in 1986. She sang, played guitar, bass guitar and piano in the group. Blake Babies were signed to indie label, Mammoth Records, in North Carolina and received airplay on college radio during the early 1990s. Hatfield and Strohm shared songwriting duties and often sang together. The band toured the U.S. and Europe and made music videos. Hatfield received a degree in songwriting from Berklee during this period. The Blake Babies disbanded in 1991 but reunited briefly in 1999, performing shows that year and embarking on a US tour in 2001. They released the critically-acclaimed, “God Bless The Blake Babies,” to coincide with the tour. Frequent collaborator, Evan Dando of the Lemonheads made a guest appearance on the album. Following the immediate break-up of the Blake Babies back in 1991, Hatfield joined the Lemonheads to record their album, “It’s A Shame About Ray,” playing bass and providing back-up vocals. She played and sang with the band on and off between the years 1992-1993. Juliana released her first solo album, “Hey Babe,” in 1992. The album was one of the highest selling independent albums of the year. She recruited a rhythm section consisting of former Moving Targets and Bullet LaVolta drummer Todd Phillips, and Thudpucker bassist Dean Fisher, becoming the Juliana Hatfield Three. The JH3 achieved arena-rock stardom with the release of 1993’s “Become What You Are.” Several songs from the album got regularly played on major US rock stations, with her song, “My Sister,” becoming the biggest hit of her career. The song placed #1 on the Modern Rock Tracks chart and the video became a staple at MTV. The track “Spin the Bottle,” was used in the soundtrack for the film “Reality Bites” in 1994 and Juliana made the cover of Spin magazine. In 1995 following the success of “Become What You Are,” she released her follow up album, “Only Everything,” in which she “turned up the volume and the distortion and had a lot of fun.” The album, her first for Atlantic Records, spawned another alternative radio hit in “Universal Heartbeat.” Before engaging on a tour for this record, Juliana released Phillips and hired Jason Sutter, Ed Slanker on guitar and Lisa Mednick on keyboards. Two weeks into the tour, she canceled remaining shows due to a bout with depression. She recently released two well received solo albums, “Pussycat” last year and “Juliana Hatfield Sings Olivia Newton-John” this year. If voted to win, ROG will reissue her solo album “Only Everything,” on vinyl since it debuted 23 years ago and make it available in the US for the first time with deluxe packaging.

  • Bleecker &...
    Fred Neil
    Bleecker &... Fred Neil
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    Fred Neil
    Album Details
    • If voted to win, would be the first time this classic folk rock album would be reissued in mono on vinyl since 1965.
    • Would be mastered from the original analog tape.
    • Would be pressed on 180g vinyl at Record Industry in the Netherlands and come in a deluxe single pocket tip-on Stoughton sleeve.
    • Each LP would come numbered and strictly limited based on pre-orders

    Fred Neil was an American folk singer-songwriter in the 1960s and early 1970s. He did not achieve commercial success as a performer at the time and is mainly known through other people’s recordings of his material – particularly “Everybody’s Talkin’,” which became a hit for Harry Nilsson after it was used in the film Midnight Cowboy in 1969. Born in Cleveland and raised in St. Petersburg, Florida, Neil was exposed to music at an early age, traveling around the US with his father who was a representative for Wurlitzer jukeboxes. Neil was a songwriter that worked at the Brill Building in NY and while composing for other artists also recorded 6 rockabilly singles for different labels. He wrote songs that were taken by early rock and roll artists such as Buddy Holly (Come Back Baby 1958) and Roy Orbison (Candy Man 1961). Neil met Vince Martin in 1961 and formed a singing partnership with their first LP being 1965’s Tear Down The Walls. During 1965-66 Neil was joined on many live sets by the Seventh Sons, a trio led by Buzzy Linhart on guitar and vibes. Neil released Bleecker & MacDougal on Elektra Records in 1965 and was later reissued as A Little Bit of Rain 5 years later. His self-titled album released in 1967, was relaunched in 1969 as Everybody’s Talkin’ which was recorded during his residencies in Greenwich Village and Coconut Grove, Florida. After Everybody’s Talkin,’ Neil’s best-known song is The Dolphins which was later recorded by several artists, including Linda Ronstadt, It’s A Beautiful Day, Billy Bragg and Tim Buckley. Interested in dolphins since the mid-1960s, Neil founded the Dolphin Research Project in 1970 and progressively disappeared from the recording studio and live performance. Fred was a pioneer of the folk rock and singer-songwriter musical genres. He influenced Tim Buckley, Stephen Stills, David Crosby and Joni Mitchell. 

  • Lonesome Country...
    Billy Bird
    Lonesome Country... Billy Bird
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    Billy Bird
    Album Details
    • If voted to win, it will be the first time this album has been issued on vinyl since 1961.
    • The album is not currently available on CD or at digital services
    • If voted to win, we will master from the original analog stereo tapes and have lacquers cut at Sam Phillips Recording Studio
    • Would be pressed on 180g vinyl at Record Industry and come in a single pocket tip-on Stoughton sleeve.

    William Lewis “Billy” Byrd was a key early country lead guitarist with some jazz leanings and studio musician who performed with Ernest Tubb, the Oak Ridge Quartet, George Hamilton IV, Jimmy Dickens and others. He helped popularize the role of the electric lead guitar in country music and with fellow guitarist Hank Garland, was responsible for input into the design of Gibson’s Byrdland guitar that was named after parts of the names of both players. Byrd was born in Nashville and learned to play guitar at the age of 10, appearing on radio playing with local bands while in his teens. At 18 he joined the house band at Nashville’s WSM Grand Ole Opry. In 1949 he was lead guitarist for Ernest Tubb and the Texas Troubadours, a position he stayed in until 1959, followed by a second stint between the years 1969-1973. Byrd was self-taught and influenced by jazz players such as Charlie Christian and Django Reinhardt. Byrd was one of the earliest and most widely known lead guitar players with a popular country outfit and was influential on establishing this role in Nashville style country music.

  1. Important records we believe should be in everyone’s collection
    Morphine "Yes" Expanded Edition
    Out of print on vinyl for nine years and scarce, this limited deluxe edition of Morphine’s third studio album has been expanded to include a bonus LP of live and studio rarities hand-picked by Dana Colley with audio mastered directly from the original source tapes. Only 3500 copies will be pressed and we expect to ship around October 12.
    Pre-order now before it's gone forever.
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